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Fun. Free. Fantasy.

Every Sunday from 4-7pm, I host a one-off session of Dungeons and Dragons (5e) at Brainstorm Comics in downtown Frederick. I run the same story every week for one month, then run a new story the next month. That way, any one person only has to attend once a month. It's free, but slots fill up quickly! If you're interested, sign up, below or RSVP on the event's section of Brainstorm Comic's Facebook page.



A Day at the Races

Something strange has been happening to the dinosaur riders in the city of Chult. You and your friends will team up to track down the evil-doers. After some dinosaur racing of  your own, of course!

3rd Level


A Candlenights Carol - HOMEBREW

A young boy named Tim has gone missing on Candlenights Eve. His Uncle Marley has asked for your help to find him. The last place he was seen? Going into the old haunted mansion of Ebenezer Scrooge!

3rd Level


Include your name, how many will be attending, and which Sunday you'd like to attend.

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December 2nd

Jason, David, Doug, Ben, Nicholas

1 spot left

December 9th

Tessa, Alex, Jeremy, Lauren, Antonia, Rich


December 16th

Michael, Jack, John, Emily

3 spots left

December 23rd

Deborah, Kerala, Chase, Travis, Ali

1 spot left

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