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Kill monsters from the comfort of your own home.

The Players

Considering the level of math, strategy, and focus, I would recommend players 9 and up. My adventures work best with no more than six players at a time, so if you have a larger party, just let me know ahead of time.

The Equipment

No materials necessary!

I provide dice, miniatures, terrain pieces, and character sheets. I even provide a tablecloth!

(You are welcome to bring your own character, or select from my pre-generated character sheets.)

The Characters

All my stories are for either 1st, 3rd, or 5th Level. (I usually recommend beginners start with a 1st Level campaign)

Players are NOT permitted to roll new characters during the game. I love teaching how to make new characters, but the process takes too long and wouldn't leave enough time for the campaign. For information on which characters are available to choose from or how to read character sheets, click on the Characters button above.

The Price

A typical One-Shot runs about 3-4 hours and costs $250.

You may write a check payable to "Adam Corpora" or preferably, send the payment via the Cash App.

The Email

Ready to play? Send me an email here with your name, contact information, which campaign you'd like to play, and your available dates.

The Testimonials

pencil (1).png

Absolute blast

with a great DM!


Antonia P


Jake and Addy had a great time. I enjoyed hearing about their exploits everyday when they got home. I laughed out loud hearing about their critical fails and cheered them on when they recounted their adventures. It made me a little jealous knowing they were adventuring as I was stuck at the office in the real world. Thanks for running such an awesome camp for the kids and building memories that will last a lifetime.  It was hands down their favorite summer camp this year, probably their favorite of all time.

Jason A

My first time playing DnD and it was a blast. Adam was very understanding that I was a newcomer and the whole table was pretty cool about it too. Can’t wait to go back and play again!


Ali A

We really enjoyed D&D camp! Our favorite parts were: Mr. Adam's original dungeon (it was both fun and challenging), funny character voices, music, mini figures, and props - all of it helped us to keep track of what was happening and who was involved. We also liked the cafe atmosphere and lunch choices each day. We definitely want to attend again next year.


Mary K


I wasn't really a huge D&D devotee before we started, but after playing with Adam, I never looked back. Adam knows how to create awesome and usually hilarious NPC's (with voices, always with voices), drama and comedy, shocking plot twists, and very memorable battles. After playing a game with Adam, not only will you have had a great time, but you'll have probably made a friend or two in the process. Adam loves the game and it shows in the effort and heart he puts into everything he does.

Michelle C

His Homebrew clever adventure stories are filled with mirth and danger, he makes the gaming approachable and accessible, and his storytelling is engaging and entertaining.


Ryon G

Adam is a great DM and very accommodating with newbies. Thank you for an amazing time and we look forward to playing more Dungeons and Dragons!


Erin S


I have played one-shot adventures with Adam as well as long term campaigns. He is a great DM, his games are always fun and the character voices are on point!

Nathan A


Adam is a great DM! The One Shot sessions I’ve attended were both a lot of fun and engaging adventures!

Matt H

Adam is well prepared knowledgeable and a fun dm to play with. Very good with kids, patient but he didn’t “dumb it down” so my son got the real deal experience. Highly recommend checking one of his sessions out.


Jason A



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