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Chapter 7: The Ice Troll

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

The magical green pipe returned the heroes back onto the snowy ground, right where they were when Mara left them. They considered heading back to her village to fill her in and recuperate, but they knew that time was of the essence. Zecora needed that flower and according to Mara, the flower always changes location. The quicker they get going, the better chance they have of grabbing it before it disappears.

"Which way is it pointing?" asked Toad.

Luigi held out the treasure. The Wendigo Compass was pointing north, toward the White Mountains. Luigi turned his head toward the snowy peaks. Toad followed his gaze and his shoulders slumped.

"Ugh...great. No chance the flower is growing on a tropical island," Toad grumbled.

Luigi smiled. "Come on, let's get going."

Gripping their fur coats tightly around them, the two heroes began their ascent. As they climbed, the weather grew worse. The wind howled around them and large snowflakes dampened their clothes. Luigi led, keeping an eye out for icy patches in front of them. After a few hours, the two found themselves hundreds of feet in the air, on a path only a few feet wide, covered in snow and ice. Once again, Luigi called out "Ice!" to his companion, but this time, the halfling didn't hear. His small feet slid on the ice and his arms went flailing. He called out to Luigi, who tried to secure himself by digging his wrench into the side of the mountain, but he didn't have time. Before they knew it, Toad had pulled Luigi off the path and the two of them were tumbling down the side of the mountain. Twenty feet below, another narrow path appeared and the heroes landed with a thud (taking several points of damage). Unfortunately, Luigi didn't land quite as gracefully and this time, it was his turn to yell out. Luckily, Toad was ready and secured his bruised legs on the rocky path. He grabbed Luigi's arm and pulled him back onto the path before Luigi could plummet again. Panting in exhaustion, the two collapsed on the snowy path, letting the snow whip their red faces.

"Thanks for saving me," breathed Toad.

"Thanks for saving me," repeated Luigi.

After a few moments, the two pulled themselves to their feet and cautiously continued on the new path. It wasn't long until they came to a large entrance to a cave. It was pitch dark inside, but Toad's darkvision revealed the room to be empty. It was getting late and knowing it would get dark soon, the two decided to take their chances, avoid the wind and snow, and set up camp inside the cave.

Toad casted light and the two could see that the cavern was rather large, with stalactites drooping from the ceiling and large rocks scattered on the floor. Toad and Luigi immediately took out their equipment to start a small campfire. Just as their feet began to warm, Luigi heard something.

"Did you hear that?" he whispered to Toad.

"No, what was it?" he asked, grabbing his mace.

"Sounds like breathing..." Luigi picked up a torch by the campfire and slowly headed toward the back of the cave. The light could just barely make out an opening that led further into the mountain. About ten feet from the hole, Luigi accidentally stumbled on one of the cavern rocks, sending it skittering across the floor. The plumber froze where he stood. There was a snort that came from the back of the cave, followed by slow, heavy footsteps. Luigi took a few steps back as a towering ice troll appeared in front of him.

Immediately, Toad cast bless on the both of them. Luigi and the troll lunged at each other, the troll baring his razor sharp claws, the plumber gripping his trusty plunger. Toad stayed safely behind a large rock while sending a glowing, magical greataxe to slice through the beast. The strategy worked well. Even though Luigi took damage, Toad was ready to support him with healing spells.

It took longer than they had hoped, but eventually the two were able to kill the mighty troll, despite his obnoxious regenerative powers. With a thud, the troll fell before Luigi, his eyes rolling to the back of his head. All that remained was the sound of the winter winds howling outside.

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