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Chapter 1: Our Journey Begins...

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

I began playing D&D with my daughter today. I kept the character sheet very basic. Made up the stats myself and had fun with it. I told her she had to be a fighter or wizard and she chose fighter. All skill checks are DC 10, meaning if my daughter can roll a 10 or higher on a twenty sided die, she can do what she wants to. The dialogue is straight from our actual conversation. If Luigi said it, my daughter thought of it. Enjoy!

Luigi finds himself enjoying a plate of spaghetti at a local restaurant he's visited many times before. As always, the food was exceptional. However, this particular evening, Luigi couldn't help but overhear a conversation at the table next to him. With a roll of 10, he just barely can hear what the guests were discussing.

"She's gone!" one patron says.

"There's no way. She's guarded so well" replies the other.

"I'm certain. I have friends who work in the castle. They told me."

"I can't believe it. I wonder how it happened."

"I don't know," the first sighed, "But one thing's for certain. Princess Daisy has been kidnapped!"

Luigi is shocked. His girlfriend has been taken from the castle! It must be Bowser, he thinks to himself. He decides to go to the castle to make sure what he heard was true... right after he finishes his spaghetti, of course.

The plumber fighter is stopped by the entrance to the castle by two young guards.

"What do YOU want?" they ask sharply, clearly not recognizing the hero.

"I wanted to see Princess Daisy. Is she alright?"

"Uh... well, yeah... um, why wouldn't she be?" the taller guard says with shifty eyes. With a roll of 14, Luigi can tell he's lying.

"I've seen that look on my brother Mario when he's lying. You must be lying!"

"Alright, alright! But keep it down! We don't want the village to panic. Yes, the princess has been taken, but we don't know how or by whom."

"I think it was Bowser." stated the skinny plumber.

"Bowser? Well, as you know, his castle is far from here, through the Dark Forest. But if you want to go after him, be our guest!"

"I will! You guys stay here and guard the castle."

"Guard the castle? What's the point? We were guarding the castle when the princess was taken! I must be terrible at this job!" the guard started sobbing. "My mom made me take this job! I never wanted it! I knew this was a mistake!"

The plumber slowly began to back away, leaving the guards to take care of themselves.

Luigi collected his things and made his way into the Dark Forest. It wasn't long before he came across an unfortunate sight. There, lying on the grass next to a log, was a dead villager. As he stepped forward to investigate, Luigi heard the soar of an arrow and then felt 4 points of damage as it stabbed her in the shoulder. Two goblins hopped out from behind some bushes and a boulder, wielding a short bow and daggers. Luigi sprang into action, running to the first and clobbering him with his plunger. The other goblin attempted to shoot an arrow at Luigi, but critically missed, piercing his own brother. Luigi finished the job with his plunger, then turned and attacked the second goblin with his throwing wrench. The goblin was enraged and stabbed Luigi for 5 more points of damage, but ultimately collapsed under the mighty plunger.

Now that the goblins had been taken care of, Luigi could investigate the body. It was a villager from town, but he was overtaken by goblins on his way back to town. While looking him over, he found a bag holding ten gold coins, a healing potion, and a magic ring.

What other adventures will Luigi find in the Dark Forest? What powers does the ring possess? And will Princess Daisy be rescued in time!? Stay tuned!

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