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Session 7

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  • With Gelra and Othovir's lives in trouble, Jorin runs into battle, followed by a reluctant Harvey and Cooter. 

  • Amalia considers leaving, but after hearing from her voice, she joins the rest of her friends.

  • It is a hollow victory with the death of Darathra and the two fire giants escaping. The party was able to uncover the item the giants were searching for: the jaw piece to a giant helm.

  • Worried the piece would attract giants, they give it to Hyuth to magically destroy.

  • Othivir offers a platinum badge with a large harp on it as thanks and says to give it to Dral, the proprietor of Daniver's House in Yartar.

  • Noah is beyond relieved to find his love, Amalia, safe from harm. He offers to serve as an escort to Yartar, where his wealthy family resides.

  • The journey is uneventful, but once the group sits down to enjoy a meal in one of Yartar's fine restaurants, the door opens to reveal the city guard. They spot Harvey, show them a wanted poster with his name on it, and inform him he's under arrest.

Session 6

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  • The party sets off with their own goals. Harvey successfully finds workers to begin building Hyuth's wall.

  • Amalia sets out seeking knowledge about the mysterious band of cultists. Her questioning takes her to Noah from Yartar, the handsome proprietor of the Lionshield Coster. She agrees to meet that night for a date hoping to get the treasure Zvuk told her about.

  • Amalia also questions Tarmac Asphalt, the owner of an apothecary, who recalls seeing someone who fits the cultist's description years ago in Silverymoon. He was allegedly responsible for the mayor's murder.

  • Jorin takes Harvey and Cooter hunting and after shooting an elk, they come across Othovir who is fending off several gnolls. They kill the gnolls, save Othovir and bury the gnolls bodies (for some reason).

  • That night, the party enjoys a campfire together, sharing stories and feasting on elk jerky. During his slumber, Jorin seems images of a gold disc and a goose head.

  • The next morning, as they make their way back into town, the party hears the crash of giant boulders and people screaming. A small army of magmins, orogs and two fire giants are attacking the town. 

Session 5

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  • It takes some time, but eventually the group finds Gelra Foehammer's shop and informs her (with not a great deal of tact) that her sister has died. They also ask about provisions for Nightstone and are directed to Darathra, the Lord Protector.

  • Darathra is busy with the large number of refugees coming from the north. She is pained to hear that more giant attacks have come from the south. She offers to help Nightstone if something can be done about the skeletal wolves attacking villagers.

  • While fighting the wolves, Hyuth Kolstaag joins the fight and attempts to scare off the party. Instead, Harvey offers their services. In a strange twist of fate, Hyuth accepts and grants the Wallbangers their first contract.

  • While Harvey works on the details of building a giant wall around the wizard's house, the rest of the group celebrates at the Talking Troll, the local dive.

  • The proprietor, Kaelen, suggests talking to Steve at the Triboard Travelors if the group is looking for work.

  • With a long day behind them, our heroes decide to rest their heads at the Everwyvern House and enjoy some luxurious accommodations. 

Session 4

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  • Zephyros offers to take everyone anywhere they'd like to go. Once "Triboar" is mentioned, Zephyros claims he remembers that name because "they" were planning on going there, too.

  • Speaking with friends from other planes has made Zephyros difficult to have a normal conversation with, but he does mention the Ordning Stone having been shattered and how the "Elements" are the only hope of fixing it.

  • While waiting to arrive, Cooter reads through the giant's horribly written notes, learning information on two dragons, as told by Felgelos.

  • During the painfully long trip, the tower is visited by a group of cultists riding giant vultures. They wear black armor with red trim and insist on waking Zephyros. 

  • The two leaders seem to recognize Harvey, mistaking him for another Wallbanger with a damaged wing.

  • The party confronts them and a fight breaks out. Despite releasing an Invisible Stalker, the Wallbangers (and Amalia) triumph. They attempt to question one of the leaders, but just as she is about to reveal the name of their organization, she mysteriously dies.

  • Finally, the group arrives just outside of Triboar.

Session 3

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  • The party attempt to free Morak and the villagers, but Hark isn't quite ready to give them up. After a quick battle including six giant rats and a bunch of goblins, Hark surrenders...and is stabbed by Cooter.

  • The villagers head back while the group raids Hark's hoard and rests.

  • After catching up to the villagers, Harvey scouts the town and discovers the orcs have been dealt with and there's much work to be done.

  • Everyone chips in (except Amalia) to help rebuild the town. Morak, having taken over as leader informs you the town needs supplies and quickly.

  • He suggests the town of Triboar, which not only will have supplies, but is also where his late wife's sister resides. 

  • You leave for the ten day journey only to be accosted by a cloud giant named Zephyros offering to give you a ride.

Session 2

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  • A dragon named Felgelos, nicknamed "The Flying Misfortune", crash lands in front of the party. He transforms into a halfling and introduces himself. Cooter's not a fan.

  • He warns the group about traveling, what with all the strange things he's been seeing.

  • Before the party can leave, an orc army appears at the entrance to the town.

  • Instead of fighting, Jorin challenges the leader to a "feat of strength". They wrestle for a while, but ultimately, Jorin is thrown into the moat. Fortunately, he earned the orcs' respect and are allowed to leave in peace.

  • They travel to the cave they believe holds the villagers but its protected by goblins and a couple of ogres.

  • After killing the male ogre, they convince the female to take them to the prisoners.

Session 1

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  • I'll do this later.

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